SignaSure for Real Estate

For Apartment Complexes, Property Mangement Companies, and More.

Put your people back to work on more profitable activities than tedious reviews of lease (and other) agreements.

With SignaSure, clients can review paperwork at their own pace, with a helpful avatar explaining contract provisions.

Signasure Tablet

Why SignaSure for Real Estate

  • Better Compliance: avoid omissions and verbal promises and make sure your disclosures are described accurately and consistently, every time.
  • Transparency: the avatar explains key points of your agreement laymen’s terms, and a video record is created of the whole process.
  • Save Time and Money: a client can review their paperwork without taking an hour of an employees time.
  • Customizable: works with your existing paperwork, and the contract explanations are completely customizable based on your policies and procedures.
  • Backed by Outstanding Support: world-class support for customers large and small.
  • And More