SignaSure is designed to make your contract execution process work as smoothly, securely and efficiently as possible.

Video Recorded

The entire contract execution process is recorded, including the webcam video of the Signer. The secure signing record, including video is available to both you and your client. Avoid contract disputes and disagreements and increase transparency in your contract execution process.

Video Recorded Contract Signing

Guided Contract Execution

Guided Explanations

A helpful avatar explains each section of the contract – according to your policies and procedures. Required disclosures are delivered completely and consistently, every time. Your client can complete their paperwork at their own pace, and click for more information on any given section of the contract.

Works with Your Existing Contracts

SignaSure works with your existing contracts, and integrates with your current workflow and software systems. If you can print, you can integrate with SignaSure.

Use your Existing Contracts


Signing with SignaSure creates legally binding eSignatures. The secure signing record is cryptographically protected and tamper-proof.

  • 128 bit encryption
  • Cryptographically secured signing record, including video
  • Secure storage in the cloud
  • Multiple redundant backups to keep your data safe

Integrates with Your Software and Workflow

Using SignaSure is as easy as printing a document. And with support for a wide range of tablets and devices, SignaSure can work with just about any workflow in most industries.

Cloud Based

SignaSure runs in the cloud, so your employees need only a web browser in order to use the system. Signed contracts are retained securely in the cloud according to your retention policies. Access, search and download your data anywhere you have an internet connection.

And That’s Not All

  • Compliant: disclosures and key contract provisions are described accurately and consistently, every time.
  • Transparent: thorough contract explanations in laymen’s terms, and a video record of the whole process.
  • Easy to Use: with an intuitive interface and built-in help, SignaSure is easy for both customers and employees.
  • Configurable: works with your existing contracts and workflow.
  • Customizable: the contract explanations are completely customizable based on your policies and procedures.
  • Backed by Outstanding Support: world-class support for customers large and small.
  • And More